• Using Social Listening to Guide Social Strategy and Content Optimization

    Posted 18 September 2014 9:38 AM by Anna Szambelan

    Social listening, often referred to as social media monitoring, is an essential part of understanding the social space in which your content lives. It can also play a key role in content strategy and planning.

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  • Native Facebook Video

    Posted 16 September 2014 11:05 AM by Chelsey Binkley & Bridget Belfield

    Videos, videos and more videos.

    Have you noticed a recent upsurge in videos in your news feed lately? You know videos can go viral on social, but do you understand why?

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  • Twitter Launches More Robust Native Analytics

    Posted 12 September 2014 10:40 AM by Mandy McFadden

    Until just recently, details of Twitter analytics were reserved for posts used in paid or promoted campaigns. Without third-party tools, it was impossible to track organic tweets. That all changed in July, when Twitter began offering those details for all posts. As is the case with Facebook, users can now...

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  • 97% of Creative Leaders Are Blind

    Posted 21 August 2014 9:28 AM by Anthony Reeves

    Women account for more than 80% of consumer spending, yet only 3% of creative leadership is female. Does this create a virtual blind spot in advertising campaigns? And does it mean that ads created by men for women are doomed to fall into a hit-or-miss situation — no matter the testing?

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  • From Jane Doe to Jay-Z -- Who's Influencing You?

    Posted 19 August 2014 5:38 PM by Julia Cantor

    While it’s not often top of mind, we have many influencers in our lives — from family, friends and acquaintances to actors, athletes and celebrities. They’re online, next door, on TV, in your news feed, at the dry cleaners, up the street and everywhere in between. And in the evolving and expanding world of social media, this influence reaches further than ever.

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  • 3 Ways to Target and Reach Custom Audiences on Facebook

    Posted 7 July 2014 10:23 AM by Liam Copeland

    By now we should all be aware that Facebook is becoming more “play to pay” in favor of user generated (vs. brand generated) content. Facebook’s algorithm changes are going to keep coming, but fortunately there are a few ways we can better target relevant audiences within Facebook...

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  • What the New Facebook Pages Mean for Your Brand

    Posted 7 April 2014 11:10 AM by Brittany Singer

    In the coming weeks, Facebook is rolling out a fresh look for Pages on desktop, which will feature a clearer view of content on Pages with the added bonus of giving page admins easier access to tools. The update rides on the coattails of the recent design change to the Facebook News Feed.

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  • Giggles with Google on April Fool's

    Posted 1 April 2014 6:00 PM by Jinah Kim

    The number one trait people look for in a mate? Sense of humor. So it’s no surprise that brands attempt to woo customers the same way. And what better day to shine and show off the wit and charm of your company than today, April Fool’s?

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  • The MASHine

    Posted 19 March 2014 6:30 PM by Marc Fulton

    Sound designer Miles Polaski's The MASHine is an interactive audio and visual installation that combines the contemporary art of song mash-ups and Projection Mapping. The installation, which is on display in Abingdon, Virginia, features 42 songs (21 instrumental tracks and 21 vocal tracks) assigned to 42 buttons giving its user the opportunity for...

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  • Fodder Mascot Bracket 2014

    Posted 17 March 2014 4:30 PM by Marc Fulton

    Moxie Fodder presents the third annual Mascot Bracket. The seeds and school names have been removed in order to focus on the aesthetic aspect that each team's mascot brings to the table. Even if you want to keep with your tried and true bracket methods, add this wild-card system to the mix for an interesting approach to the madness.

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